Zuellig Pharma Vietnam signs co-operation on national vaccine project

Singaporean Logistics: We understand healthcare in and out and I personally would not want to distribute any other category of products. Despite underdevelopment in many facets; Southeast Asia is actually at the forefront of a digital revolution in…. Vietnam successfully produces measles and rubella vaccine. Zuellig Pharma, Sanofi enter strategic partnership in Vietnam. Special Edition.

Although we have a very successful commercial office in Hong Kong, we see the benefits of Singapore in terms of accessing our clients and the region.

In an exclusive interview, Zuellig Pharma CEO John Davison provides insight into the new Zuellig Health Solutions unit that is providing strategic, topline-focused services in order to support Pharma companies in the region. These technological advances in the pharma landscape bring heightened quality and pharmacovigilance requirements and it is essential that the distribution industry is able to keep up with these changes. This flagship facility will ensure medicines are stored under the safest conditions possible.

Enquiry Thanks for contacting us! The signing ceremony to mark the strategic partnership between Sanofi, Zuellig Pharma, Phytopharma and Sapharco was held at the Sanofi Vietnam headquarters on June 12, The indictment stems specifically from a May article by Lan Anh in which she quotes a document submitted by the Health Ministry to the Prime Minister. I am not deprioritizing distribution, but my role is now to supplement our services.

Our services in third party administration for insurance programs, retail and channel activities and patient care are not services generally associated with a distribution company.

The international companies are realizing that they face considerable competition with local companies, generics, and aggressive pricing structures from governments and they are reacting with more tailored strategies to the region.

Interview: John Davison – CEO, Zuellig Pharma PharmaBoardroom

May Be. Sanofi has been operating in Vietnam for over fifty years and Zuellig Pharma has been operating in the country for fifteen years. This is where we play a big role. The warehouse also utilizes advanced thermal isolation, a sophisticated air-conditioning system and solar panels to ensure we are managing temperature-sensitive areas as efficiently as possible. Communicable disease is also a major concern in this part of the world.

Zuellig Pharma Vietnam celebrates warehouse and office opening

Regulators also require proof that all drugs and biological components have been distributed within the required temperature range making temperature monitors, sensors and track and trace systems essential across the supply chain. This at a time when the new Pharma Law is coming into force, which will also help to accelerate the provision of healthcare to deeper levels of the Vietnamese population.

On April 15, Phap Luat published another article denouncing him and ran it beside a letter purporting to be from the veterans' group, which called for him to be "rid from social life. Not Found.

Changing times for healthcare access in Vietnam

Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma has over twenty years'experience and knowhow in marketing and business alliances related to meropenem in four countries in East Asia Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan , while Zuellig Pharma boasts an extensive track record of distributing and promoting pharmaceutical products in South-east Asia.

Sign Up. Masayo Tada announced today that it has concluded an agreement with Zuellig Pharma relating to distribution and sales of meropenem, a carbapenem antibiotic, originally created by Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma in five countries of South-east Asia Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Have an Account? Sign In. The third reason is the openness of the Singaporean government and the EDB in supporting what we are building.

Many other distributors are involved in several industries, which is definitely needed and necessary in the market, but that is not our business strategy. Could you elaborate on what these added services entail and their connection with the recent opening of Zuellig Health Solutions?

Construction work has also started on Zuellig Pharma's largest and most sophisticated pharma-qualified warehouse, featuring state-of-the-art energy-saving initiatives. With our expertise in distribution in the region, we realized that our evolving services are distinct from our distribution capabilities.

We are also working closely with the Singapore EDB who has been very supportive in the effort. Any break in this cold chain, from production, to storage, transportation, or usage could damage the integrity of the vaccine, resulting in reduced efficacy and safety in treatment.