West Nile Virus

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What Is West Nile Virus Infection (West Nile Fever)?

You may also want to take medicine to reduce pain or fever. West Nile virus can be sampled from the environment by the pooling of trapped mosquitoes via ovitraps , carbon dioxide -baited light traps, and gravid traps, testing blood samples drawn from wild birds, dogs, and sentinel monkeys, as well as testing brains of dead birds found by various animal control agencies and the public.

Medical conditions, such as cancer and diabetes , and age 60 years or older increase the risk of developing severe symptoms. If cases of suspected West Nile virus infection, sera should be collected on both the acute and convalescent phases of the illness.

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D DiseasesDB: It is common in serologic testing for cross-reactions to occur among flaviviruses such as dengue virus DENV and tick-borne encephalitis virus ; this necessitates caution when evaluating serologic results of flaviviral infections.

Viruses are most likely to be spread during the warm weather months when mosquitoes are most active, usually beginning in the spring and lasting until the first hard frost. Typical findings of WNV infection include lymphocytic pleocytosis , elevated protein level, reference glucose and lactic acid levels, and no erythrocytes. Dogs and cats show few if any signs of infection. How can you prevent West Nile infection?

Many of the guidelines for preventing occupational West Nile virus exposure are common to all mosquito-borne diseases. No specific treatment is available for WNV infection. Also known as a spinal tap, this test involves inserting a needle into your spine to extract fluid.

A headache is pain or discomfort that occurs in or around your head, including your scalp, sinuses, or neck. Preclinical Evaluation of Safety, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy". Supportive care pain medication [1].

When an infected mosquito bites an animal or a human host , the virus is passed into the host's bloodstream, where it may cause serious illness. It can cause permanent neurological damage and be fatal.

Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants if you know that you will be in areas with lots of mosquitoes or where you know West Nile virus has been found. Public Health.

West Nile Virus: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Culicidae species". Avoid being outdoors when mosquitoes are most active, especially between dusk and dawn. Live where West Nile virus has been found in humans, birds, horses, or mosquitoes.

Bunyavirales Viral hemorrhagic fevers: Where do I call if I need more information on West Nile virus? Epizootics of disease in horses occurred in Morocco , Italy , the United States to , and France , Mexico and Sardinia Viral Immunol.