How to Build a 3-Part Dog Agility Course

With patience and a bit of time, the seesaw can become a fun obstacle for the dog once he learns to control it. Having two different colors on each side of the A- frame is recommended so your dog can get a clear picture of the obstacle. Yep I've just rubberises a home made a frame it's expensive but looks great.

The last of the obstacles is the weave poles. I then added clean playground sand a cup at a time.

Free Agility Plans - Free Do-It-Yourself Dog Agility Obstacle Equipment Plans

Raise the fulcrum gradually and introduce contact criteria with guidance. The diary kept me going and showed what progress I'd made.

By chuybregts Follow. I've had a 70 lbs German Shepard use the frame and I've also climbed it myself as a test.

This Dog Agility Seesaw Base is great for dog agiity training and practice. The only rules for the A-Frame's paint scheme is it needs to have 2 colors.

Agility is a noisy sport, and the seesaw is an especially noisy obstacle. Hi all i would love in the OMD forum a place where people can place equipment plans, make your own toys and general agility needs.

Until then, continue to practice with the seesaw falling into the chair, but raise the seesaw four to six inches slowly, pausing if he starts to feel uncomfortable, until the dog is comfortable at full height. Agility equipment Forum Agility training Agility equipment.

How to Build a DIY Dog Agility Course

Of all the dog agility equipment the see-saw is probably the most difficult to make. Continue to move it higher up so he must work harder to reach the treat. Cookie Policy. Salvage Dawgs 9am 8c. Game 1: If you make a purchase via a link on this site, I may receive a small commission, and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Wooden planks should be sanded to prevent splinters and painted to make them more visible to your dog, we suggest bright blue.

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Agility Obstacles: Training Your Dog for the Seesaw

The first few times I used the A-Frame, I was nervous. Yes, 14 foot even though the length of a regulation Teeter is only 12 foot. Being new I know it's not easy.