Ice in lakes and rivers

Or I could be in a tank of water in free-fall towards earth. In fact, this group of researchers is planning to carry out an experiment that verifies the theory. Apr 10, Posts: Jump to. Shouldn't boiling water turn to snow more often than cold? Login with ajax is not installed or active. Your safest bet would probably be to just drill it and measure the thickness of the ice. Making Backyard Rinks from Twitter: It's just a lot less dramatic, as it's not so cold.

University of Vermont College of Medicine. Perhaps because hot water is already steaming, it will evaporate faster and then condense an become frozen faster?

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Jul 20, 5. McGraw-Hill International Editions. A team of physicists at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have now published what they believe may be the solution. Big deal say those of you from upstate new york, south dakota, canada, and the other wintry realms, but down here that's frickin' cold.

Why can hot water freeze faster than cold water? EurekAlert! Science News

Agree x 1. Joe , Jan 7, If they have studs coming out of the tires, how do they go sideways and drift? And a cautionary tale, don't play with boiling water! Snow will definitely act as an insulator. Between cheese steaks and the Amish Registered: SR , Dec 23, Brown Walker Press. This concentration may cause side effects to the drinker, leading to intense hangovers and a condition known as "apple palsy" [2] although this term has also simply been used to refer to intoxication, [3] especially from applejack.


Skip to main content. But anyway The best-known freeze- distilled beverages are applejack and ice beer. This article may be confusing or unclear to readers. There's an oddly-shaped lake in the w. Also, it states; quote: Matt McLean's explanation is excellent.