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Slight changes may be produced by ambient air temperature during the detention time in the treatment plant. Drinking Water and Health: For a public water supply, the raw water source must provide a quantity sufficient to meet all municipal, institutional, and industrial uses as well as the fire-fighting demand.

Clear Turn Off Turn On. Protecting health, improving lives. To be made acceptable for a public water supply, groundwater may require only disinfection to ensure adequate health protection. Surface wastewater recharge absorption system for storm water from parking lots, roadways or driveways.

Methane in Groundwater. Contamination of drinking water supplies can occur in the source water as well as in the distribution system after water treatment has already occurred. Sulfate-reducing bacteria may be involved in the latter process. Again, the importance of having a properly engineered and operated distribution system as it relates to reliability cannot be overemphasized. For these reasons, it is normal practice to add chlorine to a water supply to provide a residual concentration that will persist until the water reaches the user.

Even a small stream may be suitable if it is impounded by a dam. Some US states e.

The joints for cast-iron or ductile-iron pipes may be either bell-and-spigot, mechanical, flanged, threaded, or push-on rubber gasket. Thus, materials used for joints include lead and lead substitutes, sulfur compounds, cement mortar mixtures, and rubber together with asbestos, hemp, jute, and other substances applied as packing.

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The growth of other microorganisms, including the iron bacteria, causes the build-up of biological slimes, which also contributes to frictional resistance. Having reviewed and evaluated those conditions or factors influencing the deterioration of water quality in distribution systems and, in a sense, determined what is known and unknown, the committee was able to make recommendations regarding control procedures and to identify existing research needs.

Menu Vermont Official State Website. Mains are usually made of cast iron, ductile iron, steel, reinforced concrete, plastic, or asbestos-cement. Community Systems. There is evidence that the corrosion of unlined steel, cast-iron, and ductile-iron mains may be significantly influenced by microbial activity.

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The internal surface of pipe, regardless of the material from which it is made, offers resistance to water flow. Water supply personnel must be constantly vigilant of defects and problems associated with distribution systems as they might impact water quality. With many joints, such as the bell-and-spigot, it is necessary to fill the space created in the joining of two ends of pipe.

Fire flow standards require a minimum residual water pressure of 20 pounds per square inch gauge psig during flow.

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Microorganisms, through their biochemical reactions, are also involved in corrosion and the formation of tubercles. The flow of water distribution systems may be controlled either by gravity or by pressure pumping. Non-Transient Non-Community Systems. Views Read Edit View history. Disinfection Profiling Tool. Treatment of raw water might include coagulation, sedimentation, filtration, softening, and iron removal in addition to disinfection.