3 Deadly Bait Rigs For Stripers

Striped bass fishing during the early spring season is by and large a bait-fisherman's time to shine. Thread the hook shallowly through the back or front of the crayfish, pushing it out again on the same side. Fishermen add anything from cheese to garlic to this recipe in their efforts to attract an individual fish species. A quick look in the bottom of a bait-bin or bucket at the end of a fishing session will prove this.

Even though you might be fishing for stripers, bluefish often hit the bunker and can cut your leader with their sharp teeth. Whatever your bait is doing will draw in any hungry fish that might be nearby.

Top 3 Redfish Fishing Techniques

Loop the side nearest to the hook end over the hook point and pull it tight against the knot. Its thin diameter also allows for a better drift with less line drag. The bigger sharks just casually cruise, open their mouth, inhale the whole head, clamp down, and keep swimming even against the drag. Use all the chunks except the tail. High rates of consumption fuel their rapid growth. You can use any of the bait rigging techniques outlined above for baits caught on the way to the spot.

Some of the better striped bass fishing in the early spring is in the deeper channels of the bays and tidal rivers where the currents can be very strong.

If the bait is still alive when you turn it into a butterfly, so much the better.

Cut Bait Reds - Some Great Alternatives to Mullet

As Nick put the anchor out, I could see big redfish milling around the boat. They come in various flavors such as clam, blood worms, and others.

Since eels are prime forage in the deeper waters of the channels, they also make excellent baits for spring stripers that are moving through these areas. Better still, finding, gathering, or catching your own bait rather than buying it from a shop magnifies all these important lessons.

Florida Outdoors]. The abundance of this readily obtained bait has caused more and more serious striper fishermen to use clams during the early season.

Thread the hook point between the two sides of the loop, just above the fish's head. If this were a toothy fish head it could cut threw the line. Kasper - April 21, This can be tricky to find the right spot to place the hook.

Most of the time the shark will bite the bait to just get ahold of it and adjust the fish to swallow or bite it in half. Hook the bait between the eyes and fire it out. Bait freshwater fish with insects.

My 1 bait to rig for sharks are false albacore heads! The J or circle hook go in the same spot.