8 Baffled Foreigners Reveal The Weirdest American “Food” They’ve Seen

But stereotypes aside, what are the real-life American quirks that shock foreigners? Everything from stunning prairies, wild mountains and exiting lakes, it's so diverse and so different from state to state. American cheese: Are you crossing the street and a car is coming? All of the Trump stuff in the U. And I guarantee you that in this situation, when you're there trying to stutter out some dignified last words and prepare yourself for the end, your American companion will cheerily blurt out something like: In general, foreigners find it weird how Americans seem to drive absolutely everywhere, resulting in parking lots the size of small villages.

I can't fathom how they pronounce allegiance. Innovation at its finest! Pictofact Pictofacts. A lot of times, silly and mediocre stuff comes out of it, but when a balloon flies, boy, does it go a long way. Maxim Nasab, a French Canadian who has been living in the American South, had a run in with grits, and the dish won. Lawns were first brought to America in the 19th century, but it was a bunch of turf-crazy suburban planners that really caused this country to embrace them.

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Because fuck you, guy who's advising me not to eat his food because it will kill me! The British biscuit is often served with tea, naturally. Breathing in high concentrations of the chemical TCE has been linked to kidney cancer, liver cancer and lymphoma. Food, electricity, water, paper The first meal Hulland had a difficult time wrapping his head around was the classic Southern breakfast of biscuits and gravy.

I'm sure you could write a book about the psychology of running a business while also claiming your food will kill your customers, but one thing's for sure: Yesterday, we asked them what they absolutely hate about the US.

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The owner is constantly running gimmicks to convince you that you shouldn't eat his restaurant's unhealthy meals, serving up dishes like the "Triple Bypass Burger" and offering free meals to anyone over pounds. Nasab arrived in the U. I have heard that there are some good ones out there but I do not understand why it is so sought out for in the South. It's glorious. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username.

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And DIY fountain drinks? British user BloatedBaryonyx said "I see American houses on TV and am amazed by how they have all these massive detached houses. The food combinations are ridiculous Although I saw many people bike, it was to do sports, not for day-to-day transportation. And while they're at those college games, Americans can eat some deep-fried chocolate-covered pork rinds, to celebrate their America permeated their lives - through comics and Coke, through Hollywood and Neil Armstrong, and via the internet, iPhone and Facebook.

Thanks for connecting! Americans gave Blues and Jazz to the world, which in turn gave us rock and roll, pop, so much music owes its life to blues and jazz.

I prefer it here. Reading this really makes me appreciate my country a whole lot more! The Civil Rights Movement was just 50 years ago — now a black man's president.

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Obviously, things are different in America. And its a 2 for 1 deal! Not sure whether I actually am ready to move there because it must be a tough country to live in.