3/8 times what equals 1?

Equivalent fraction and whole number multiplication problems (video) Khan Academy

We'll line the 3 up with the denominators. What times what times what equals ? We could use 5 too, but generally when you are canceling, you want to look for the biggest number both numbers can be divided by.

In other words, is by definition the number such that Although this definition suffices to specify fractions as mathematical objects, fractions have many concrete interpretations. I know the answer is 1.


Toward a theory of instruction. Analogies, metaphors, and images pp.

When multiplying three or more numbers, it does not matter whether the first pair or the last pair is multiplied first: Sometimes, however, you cannot subtract one whole number from another. Let me do that 3 in that other color-- 8 over 3. No offense, but you should know by now that you have to divide that by 2 to get your answer.

Counting and Equivalent Fractions

But having been introduced to a mathematical concept by means of one interpretation, children then need to pry it away from only that interpretation and take a more expansive view of the abstract idea. Such a fraction could not be reduced further. New approaches to numeracy pp. Commutativity of addition. What number multiplied by what number equals ? The recognition that zero should be considered a legitimate number—rather than the absence of number—was an important intellectual achievement in the history of mathematics.

The usefulness of Method 4 depends on the numbers involved. Does the representation apply to broad classes of objects? Does convert-me. The interstitial material skin-like material thatenwraps and flows through the muscle holding the muscle together is tougher in lower quality and older-animal meats. There are times when it will be useful to multiply fractions too.

What times what equals

The service was slow. Dividing fractions is a lot like multiplying. That leaves 5. Itis a plug that can be removed from the flywheel cover. You want to put an equal amount of filling in each of these 4 cupcakes.