Different types of quadrilaterals are explained with their definition and properties along with the diagram. A quadrilateral is called a parallelogram, if both pairs of its opposite sides are parallel. A parallelogram having all sides equal, is called a rhombus.

The smallest and most basic type of network, a PAN is made up of a wireless modem, a computer or two, phones, printers, tablets, etc., and.

A page tolerance is actually a general note that applies to all dimensions not covered by some other tolerancing type. Block tolerances are placed in the.

Dreadlocks, also locs, dreads, or in Sanskrit, Ja?a, are ropelike strands of hair formed by .. There is also the ability to adopt different types of fake dreadlocks that may make the hair look as real as possible. This process is called synthetic.

There are currently nine recognised giraffe subspecies in Africa. Read more Masai giraffe range across central and southern Kenya and throughout Tanzania.

The waves are the disturbance through medium. This movement takes place continues and in periodical pattern or in a cyclical pattern. There are different types.

Types of smokeless tobacco: Chewing tobacco (loose leaf, plug, or twist and may come in flavors)1; Snuff (moist, dry, or in packets [U.S. snus])1; Dissolvables.

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This type of system is used by contract painters to paint heavy duty The coating penetrates better into pits and crevices.

For the first time ever, scientists have assessed the state of all vascular plants in the world — all plants (except algae, mosses, liverworts and.