Summary: Restriction endonuclease EcoRI

Class II: Cut Frequency

The mean value should be 4, In the top section of the controls panel we show a summary of the lineage of the currently highlighed node. I think its a silly question to ask here.

Inserts lower case All upper case. EcoRI pronounced "eco R one" is a restriction endonuclease enzyme isolated from species E. Like other DNA binding proteins, restriction enzymes are capable of non-specific DNA binding as well, which is the prerequisite for efficient target site location by facilitated diffusion.

You can find the original interactive tree in the adjacent tab.

What do you expect to see in E. coli digested with EcoRI? - -Molecular Biology-

Some species in the taxonomic tree may not have one or more of the main eight levels that we display. We show the species tree in one of two ways. The last part of its name, the I, denotes that it was the first enzyme isolated from this strain.

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There are differences in the codons used by E. Pfam has chosen to link families to Wikipedia articles. Sticky ends and blunt ends.

Available protein structures: Those species which are represented in the seed alignment for this domain are highlighted. Other restriction enzymes, depending on their cut sites, can also leave 3' overhangs or blunt ends with no overhangs. Gla, EGF x 2, Trypsin. Eco RI pronounced "eco R one" is a restriction endonuclease enzyme isolated from species E. Note that in some cases the trees are too large have too many nodes to allow us to build an interactive tree, but in most cases you can still view the tree in a plain text, non-interactive representation.

The tree is built by looking at each sequence in the full alignment for the family.

Restriction enzymes & DNA ligase

But I really don't know which is the right one. The fact that it is from E. Personal tools Log in. Rather than leave out these species, we map them instead to their parent species. Your edits and contributions are more likely to be accepted and remain if they are in accordance with this policy.

The radius of the arc, its distance from the root node at the centre of the sunburst, shows the taxonomic level "superkingdom", "kingdom", etc.