Bald patch on my staffies head

Staffordshire Bull Terriers eat regular dog food like any other breed. That said,a dog's head will "pop" or mature at various ages.

When do their heads grow? This page was last edited on 20 February , at At what age does a Staffordshire bull terrier's head split? My beloved gertrude is a 6 month old white bully and she has a patch on the top left side of her muzzle about 2 x 1 that started about 2 weeks ago. Retrieved 26 April Retrieved 3 September — via www. Unless your dog gets into something particularly messy or smelly, baths are only required a few times a year and are a rather simple affair, and a weekly brushing session with a slicker brush or grooming glove is adequate to keep the fur healthy and shiny.

What can be done for split ends apart from trimmin Does it hurt a staffy when its head pops? How do i mend my split-ends? In adobe premiere elements how do you copy Splitting hard disk? As Staffordshire Bull Terriers are a domesticated breed, they do not have any natural enemies. Do the heads split on female staffordshire bull terriers?

Domestic dog Canis lupus familiaris. In the United Kingdom before the 19th century, blood sports such as bull baiting , bear baiting and cock fighting were common. What is the best deep conditioner for hair that is Staffy Bull Pit Temperament Since the blood sport of dog fighting was outlawed in most countries by the late s, most quality breeders of both American Staffordshire and American Pit Bull Terriers have concentrated on creating a breed that is not only athletic and powerful, but gentle, loving, and loyal.

I spoke to my brother as he also has a staff named Munch, and he does live by his name. Her head will probably crack between months if it hasn't done so already. Wonder where the myth comes from that their heads split? Usually day is the magic number. Music ';splitting'; software? Hot spots are circular lesions, usually found on the head, over the hip and along the side of the chest.

Head crack / skull crack?

This is where the myth has originated from. Posted by Vega at 8: If your dog is loosing her fur, it's a good idea to get a vet check up whenever you can. I take my Stafford to agility classes to she loves them.