What Does “What’s Up, Doc?” Mean?

Okay kid, okay, here, here, here you are. Here is a look at some of the most notable Bugs Bunny sayings ever documented. Insert two dimes or one dime and two nickels etc etc etc.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for our next attraction 37k Neeh, what's up, doc 24k Hey, what's goin' on here 23k Watch that first step 46k Okay Mac, start poundin' 79k Are you in, genius 24k Ooh, I'm dyin' 28k Uh oh 6k Hit the road 13k What am I doin' 13k Hey, this promises to be fun 28k What's this - a letter - for me 34k Now where'd that come from 14k Holy cats I've been drafted 25k Nyah, pardon me Mac 19k Aye-aye, sir 11k Oh, woe is me 23k Oh, it looks like you outsmarted me 31k I'd better get outa here while the gettin's good 27k All the woild loves a lover, but in this case we'll make an exception 48k This you gotta see to believe 18k Only going to sentence you to 45 years 75k He'll catch on any minute now 20k Come outa there 31k One thing I cannot abide is a dishonest police officer 50k And I thought this was going to be a dull day 27k Okay, soldier, explain your actions 32k FORWARD Your slip is showin'.

Makes a cameo in the ending. You know how it is with these 'A'-cards! Gosh, don't do that again, you had me scared.

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They use the expression for this caption because Bugs Bunny often ate carrots while saying his catchphrase.

Animation Short Comedy. My, he's a big one. The king approaches. Notable for having a gag that would be recycled for What's Opera, Doc? Rhapsody Rabbit MM, Freleng: Robert McKimson. What a wacky witch. Count Bloodcount as a bat: No no no no, you musn't play with the money, it's very dirty. He's most likely to be found disturbing the complacency of his culture, or deflating the pompousness of its symbols.

Quotes [ first lines ] Bugs Bunny: First of two Bugs shorts directed by Frank Tashlin.

Soives ya right. William M. English Base language: Okay Mac, start poundin'. Well come on, what are we waitin' for, let's go. External Reviews. That's better 16k There's something faintly unhealthy in the atmosphere of this cottage k Wow! Nyah, pardon me Mac. Mel Blanc , Arthur Q. I better get the party trimmings Hey, that castiron Palooka is making a chump outta me Well, what are ya waiting for? Bugs as a bat: Hit the road. Oh yeah, well - screwy laugh. Tilt with thee I will, and I won't wilt.

With that said, he still has some of his unmotivated heckler self left in him, pestering poor Elmer who was just taking pictures to the point where he has a nervous breakdown. Log in with Facebook.