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Main Navigation. Christian Jewelry Christian Jewelry Showcase your Christian heritage with a variety of jewelry made in the historical center of Christianity, Constantinople, modern day Istanbul. Unbranded More from this seller. Evil Eye Beads Refine Results.

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All of our jewels go through a rigorous quality control process and we back our claims. Mixed Color. Moon and Stars Shape Jewelry Moon and Stars Shape Jewelry A crescent moon and a star are ethereal symbols one sees frequently in jewelry and we carry many handmade styles for your wholesale needs. Flower Shaped Jewelry Flower Shaped Jewelry Classically feminine, the flower is also a traditional motif in jewelry, particularly in Turkish jewelry with tulips and roses being at the forefront.

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Many Int'l shipping options available. Hang an Evil Eye over your door and you have not only a conversation piece but a spiritual ward and protector of all things good. Semi Precious Gems and Crystal Jewelry.

Best Match. Emails are automatically sent at each important step too. Calligraphy Design Jewelry Calligraphy Design Jewelry All of our pieces of islamic calligraphy jewelry are handcrafted in Istanbul by Turkish jewelry masters.

Categories Evil Eyes. You would be surprised at who wears our earrings. Would you like to have stories of wanderlust, creatives who inspire, fashion-forward KISA styling, plus weekly deals delivered right to your inbox? Leather More from this seller. Any disease that had no known cause was attributed to the power of the evil eye. Whether you prefer a entire jewelry set or a unique ring or bracelet made of gems and crystals, this collection comes in a myriad of colors and textures to suit whatever your wishes might be.

The meaning behind using skulls in jewelry design goes back to ancient times and represents human mortality and, naturally, death. High levels of oxides in the Egyptian mud resulted in the cobalt blue colour when glazed.

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Because of that many cultures believe that when you wear the evil eye jewelry you can protect from evil or bad spirit. Eye Bracelet Evil Eye Bracelet If you want to introduce new culture and gain new experience you should try the traditional jewelry. Blue Evil Eye Bracelet.