topple over

View British English definition of topple. Usage examples of "topple". There was a sudden crash and the car came to a halt, and the ingot toppled out upon a moving platform, where steel fingers and arms seized hold of it, punching it and prodding it into place, and hurrying it into the grip of huge rollers.

topple (v.)

Submit Definition. The earthquake toppled the buildings. My Wordsmyth Lookup History. To collapse or fall down: Merriam-Webster references for Mobile, Kindle, print, and more.

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What does TOPPLED mean?

Find the word definition Enter the word Find. More Definitions for topple. These strong winds could topple an unstable vehicle. Spanish Central: Show Word Parts.

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Dictionaries Comprehensive. Words that rhyme with topple. The tree toppled into the river. Word in Definition. Contribute to our Open Dictionary.

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Chad Griffin: Once it fell about the short neck of Horta, the boar, and his mad lunge for freedom toppled Tarzan from the overhanging limb where he had lain in wait and from whence he had launched his sinuous coil. Join Us. We can help.