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Importers may therefore bring goods of foreign origin into such areas without paying customs duties and taxes. Territorial application of France extended to Monaco via their customs union established in Customs term see also IPR. A physical Customs Warehouse i.

What is a Carnet?

Generally expressed in pounds per cubic foot in the U. The system installed in the floor of an airplane compartment that secures the ULD onto the floor to prevent its movement during flight. Nonstructural Container A unit load device composed of a bottomless rigid shell used in combination with a pallet and net assembly.

On an air waybill, the tare weight when applicable and shipment weight are listed separately.

Logistics Glossary

Norway ATA Carnets are not accepted in: It is required by certain foreign governments that want a tighter control over imports. Logistics Research Network: Radio Frequency: It is typically a continuous track capable of accepting tie-down fittings at any of the regularly spaced intervals provided. The ATA Carnet , often referred to as the " Passport for goods" or "Merchandise passport" , is an international customs document that permits the tax-free and duty-free temporary export and import of nonperishable goods for up to one year.

Air cargo delivered to an airline as separate packages and loaded and unloaded onto airplanes or ULDs by airline employees, and then delivered as separate pieces to the consigned. Merchandise may be stored, displayed, used for manufacturing, etc.

A transportation service under which the purchase price of the goods in collected by the carrier from the receiver at the time of delivery. International trade documents Customs duties Export and import control World Customs Organization International trade law. L Lay Order The period during which the imported merchandise may remain at the place or unloading without some action being taken for its disposition, i.

Integrated Carrier A carrier that provides door-to-door air cargo transportation using its own or contracted airplanes and motor trucks, and performs this service under the authority of a singe air waybill e. The thirteen Incoterms are: Customs Boned Warehouse A federal warehouse where goods remain until duty has been collected from the importer. Movement of goods by more than one mode of Transport, i.

See a complete list of Carnet countries here. A rigid framework in the shape of an airplane interior contour for the purpose of checking a pallet load on the ground to ensure it will fit into a particular position in a specific airplane type. That is, until the duty is paid or the goods are exported or legally dealt with. See also DRP.

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Annex concerning containers, pallets, packagings, samples and other goods imported in connection with a commercial operation. Intelligent Vehicle Handling System: Specific document for each airplane that controls the type and number of ULDs that can be loaded, their allowable weight and information on alternating loading arrangements.

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