Improved Replacement Impeller for Top Fin PowerHead 30

Fri Oct 31, 3: They have several different applications.

How do I use a powerhead?

Trackbacks are On. HPhidrifting is offline. I took them apart to find that the impeller had broken. Best and Worst Foods for Bettas Existing questions. Broken Powerhead. Thread Tools.

Topfin 50 powerhead

I have a topfin 50 powerhead and i am not sure if i can fully submerge it. Remember Me? About LinkBacks.

Your name or email address: Can I? Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. The airline tubing can go in the little hole to provide air, millions of tiny air bubbles will flow through your tank I like them, lol, others don't If you don't want the air bubbles, leave it off.

Help Needed! Using Powerhead for Aeration - The Puffer Forum

Re-home fish. What do you put over your powerhead intake? Quick Reply. User Name.

Say thanks by giving sjh a tip and help them continue to share amazing Things with the Thingiverse community. Sick leather and zoanthid corals. Feb Location: Display by Map. How do I use a powerhead? Redsea max led. What gives?! My question is: Aquacave After Christmas Sale Save New foods list Pineapple 1 Dwarf Bunny Mischa. User Name: