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During the summer an additional weekly train operates to Avignon and during the winter a weekly service runs a ski service direct to the French Alps. Street markets are a good place to pick up fresh fruit and local cheeses at bargain prices.

Prices of all these types vary enormously, and you should seek local advice if you have particular requirements or standards. Some minicab firms specialize in serving airports and offer discounted rates. The meter displays the correct rate the metered fares are usually advertised on the side of the taxi. Flying is probably more convenient than ferry to these islands.

Do not be afraid to ask someone to repeat themselves. British tolerance for poor quality coffee has lowered significantly in recent years, and it is not hard to find good quality coffee these days.

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On single carriageways a solid white line in the centre of the road rather than the usual dashed line - see the banner picture for a double example means "do not cross" in practical terms meaning do not attempt to overtake , but should be taken as a caution that the road may be hazardous - typically either tight bends or hidden dips and crests. Although Queen's is the older and more famous institution, both are highly respected throughout the UK as centres of excellence.

For pursuits such as walking, they are practically indispensable, and in rural areas show individual farm buildings and on the larger scale field boundaries. Therefore, co-ordination of services with each other and with rail services can be poor, and tickets often not inter-available. Do NOT stand in a doorway.

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This is best avoided as this is indeed an illegal trade, and counterfeits are common. Differences in rainfall are also pronounced between the drier east and wetter west. To avoid annoying customers behind them, groups usually order as one, and "settle up" between themselves later see elsewhere for "buying rounds". There is a regular connection between Ramsgate and Oostende in Belgium. British pubs and restaurants are subject to complex licensing laws and it is illegal for children under 16 to enter licenced premises unless accompanied by an adult.

Low-tar cigarettes cannot be called 'light' so terms such as 'gold' and 'smooth' are used. There are also six scheduled overnight sleeper trains that operate every night of the week except Saturday:. Many in Scotland claim Scots to be an entirely different language to English, it is what people commonly speak in much of Scotland and to some extent Northern Ireland.

Within London, the Oyster smartcard system refer to the main London article for details , is valid within the Greater London boundary on National Rail services - this is cheaper than buying paper Anytime tickets at the station, but only if you don't intend to travel beyond Zone 6. HD Radio Technology has the best selection of local radio with amazing features and no monthly fees.

For a more extensive selection of tobacco products, most towns and cities will have at least one specialist tobacconist. An example such as bumping into you will warrant a "sorry" and is really more like "pardon" or "excuse me". The British embassy in your home country however may accept visa applications to selected overseas territories and Commonwealth nations.

Alpine conditions with heavy snowfall are common in the mountains of northern Scotland during the winter. You may just get a slightly blank look for a few seconds after the end of a sentence while they 'decode' it internally.

For the length of recorded history they have been leaving little marks for the tourists of the future to enjoy. It is far easier for women to get in than men, and on many occasions under-age girls will "doll up" to appear older.

If in doubt, ask someone when you enter the shop.