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He spent the next few years struggling to prove his loyalty to the Union.

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To help ease her grief, she visited friends in Boston in It soon became the unofficial anthem of the Union war effort. She helped found the New England Woman's Club in She also gently called for religions to practice their own values and principles. Source University of Wisconsin - Madison, Digitized by Google Rights This item is in the public domain and may be reproduced and used for any purpose, including research, teaching, private study, publication, broadcast or commercial use, with proper citation and attribution.

None was so popular as her patriotic song, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic, " which she composed in a tent one night after visiting military camps. He had become the director of the Perkins Institute for the Blind in Boston, Massachusetts, where Helen Keller would be among the most famous students.

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Julia Ward Howe's memoir, Reminiscences, , is useful. Howe was studious, focused on work, and expected his wife to be content as a homemaker and hostess; Julia Ward Howe was a witty conversationalist who enjoyed writing and a lively social scene. Nevertheless, while in England, she served as a delegate at a prison reform congress. Howe, in company with the Secretary of War, visited the military camps near Washington.

When, in the s, old age limited Howe's mobility, she began a new career as an essayist for popular and religious magazines. Description Philadelphia publishing house J. May 27, - October 17, After the war ended in a Union victory in , she continued to write and began lecturing on a variety of social issues, including women's rights. Modern Language Association http: October 17, Newport, Rhode Island American author and reformer.

Julia Ward Howe

Julia and Samuel had their six children there. Deborah Clifford. The couple first appeared together in public in at a farewell dinner in Boston for Charles Dickens — , the famous English author who had been touring the United States. The World's Own The standard biography is Laura E. I searched for an old sheet of paper and an old stub of a pen which I had had the night before, and began to scrawl the lines almost without looking, as I learned to do by often scratching down verses in the darkened room when my little children were sleeping.

Because of her father's conservative nature, she was limited in her socializing. During the war Howe was a strong supporter of the northern states and their antislavery stand. Meanwhile, Howe's first volume of poetry, Passion Flowers, was published anonymously in Then one of her friends suggested that she could write better words to the tune.

Julia Ward Howe: Beyond the Battle Hymn of the Republic

A Biography of Julia Ward Howe: I lay quite still until the last verse had completed itself in my thoughts, then hastily arose, saying to myself, I shall lose this if I don't write it down immediately. Howe, ; children: Howe's mother died at the age of twenty-eight shortly after giving birth to her seventh child when Howe was five years old.

She pulled together a series of essays by writers of the time, disputing theories that held that women were inferior to men and required separate education.