Oracle 12cR2: changes for login.sql

Multiple SQL commands can be typed in vi editor. If you write extensive scripts, you should write extensive comments. August 16, at 3 h 45 min.

6 Useful Oracle Data Dictionary Queries Every DBA Should Have

Hot topics Oracle Fusion Applications installation Tip Note that comments may not be nested. This is very interesting. This echoing occurs regardless of whether the echo setting is currently on or off.

Send comments to the server. Optional arguments are db and host.

Oracle / PLSQL: Check Constraints

We asked Oracle to update documentation. Thank you! Schema for student database in university: The default is d: Completion does not occur if there is no default database. Probably the implementation of the security feature is done before this implicit extension. Web Services C. Chris, could you provide a working example?


Oracle Database Performance Tuning Guide for more information on using hints to optimize SQL statements and on detailed information about using the tablespec and indexspec syntax. In addition to reading options from the command-line, mysql can also read options from option files.

Backslashes only need to be escaped if they're followed by a digit or another backslash. The MOS note has been published today: Typing Control-C causes mysql to attempt to kill the current statement.

Comments loading Note that localhost is a special value. In SQL statements, you'll need to type an actual tab or line break in the string with your regular expression to make it match a tab or line break.

With this option, mysql does not use the history file. It sets the matching modes.

How to Get SID Name

Martin G says: May 3, at 14 h 10 min. That causes mysql to start faster, but you must issue the rehash command if you want to use name completion. Reply to Rajeshwaran,.

Set the default character set. Search this blog. The way I do this is:. The optimizer uses these hints as suggestions for choosing an execution plan for the statement.