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Least Material Boundary LMB - This term implies that the condition of a datum feature of size wherein it contains the least minimum amount of material for the stated limits of size; examples, largest hole size and smallest shaft size. It controls how much a feature or surface can vary with respect to a datum if the part is rotated degrees around the datum axis.

It is an efficient way of communicating measurement conditions and specification of a part. Feb 12, Perpendicularity - Perpendicularity is the condition of a surface, axis, or line, which is 90 deg. Line to Line Fit - A line fit is one having limits of size so prescribed that surface contact or clearance may result when mating parts as assembled.

The term is used in a general conversation aboutthe materials or often to indicate the target as-manufactured size of a feature of size. Yes note 4. Specifying Circularity Tolerance Working with such tiny parts, when customers ask for a circularity tolerance, they typically ask us to look at the diameter around the part at a particular point — usually the OD and most often, at the middle of the part — to determine if the part meets their specifications.

Datum Reference Plane - is a set of three mutually perpendicular datum planes or axis established from the simulated datum in contact with datum surfaces or features and used as a basis for dimensions for designs, manufacture, and inspection measurement.

CNC Programming: I, however, disagree with this claim for the following reasons. It does not govern production or inspection operations. Parallelism — Identified with application of related features. In our world, circularity is a two-dimensional measurement of how round an object is at one point along a cylinder.

Measurement Uncertainty MU.

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PDF available for premium site members. Mar 23, Extracted Integral Feature - An approximated representation of the real feature integral , obtained by extracting a finite number of points from the real feature integral.

Free State - Free state is the variation of form to describe the distortion of a part after removal of forces which restrain the part during manufacturing processes. Here, measuring the diameter at several points around the part does give you a good idea of whether the part is truly circular.

Metal Cutting makes it easy to get the custom precision metal components you need. If the diameter were not the same throughout, the object would be oval rather than round. If it is a hole or internal feature: I hope this helps your understanding. Basic dimensions are enclosed within a box. It is essentially a control of a circular feature, and how much variation it has[…].

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No note 6. Free Calculators and References. The exceptions are stock, parts subject to free state variation in the unrestrained condition, or a straightness scenario which is described in section 6.