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And so we created Urban Adventure Quest.

Adam Bohn CEO. Also, take your time with your edits and double check your work. Video games portal. Retrieved Skill points are required to flee from battle; the higher the monster's level, the more SP is needed.

Please contact me if there are any missing or untagged pages in need of a HeroMart, Guardian, or Promotional tag. Talk to your kids about It's been a while since I've made an announcement, so to make up for it I'll be doing absolutely nothing different and just be posting relatively old change logs! Most fights begin through random encounters and quests, which can be found throughout the game.

As of , the game is stated to be no longer in development. Battle Gems features Candy Crush like game play. Artix Entertainment, formed in , introduced a server cap in May , a month before AdventureQuest reached one million users. As a result of this, I am highly requesting that all players now use the following site below to access these features.

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This is a Wiki, that means that you can help out. Individual abilities, deemed "passive" abilities, may be unlocked after the character reaches a certain Rank. Aside from the many quests that are available through him, he seems to appear in Clicking on the far left or right of an image will now slide to the next image, and clicking on any of the numbered navigation buttons near the bottom will slide to the respective image slot.

The Queen of Monsters plans to use her minions to awaken all eight of the Elemental Titans so that a new era can begin.

Any unreleased information or information gathered through cheating will NOT be tolerated. General Inquiry Group Sales. Players have five different skills, depending on their character's class; the ability that is common to all classes is the "auto-attack" ability.

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Each account may have up to five characters. In October , the company launched its online shop, HeroMart. Personally speaking, this is not something I desire, dedicating thousands of hours into a volunteer project just to have it badmouthed.