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Its plethora of forms and beliefs reflects the tremendous diversity of India, where most of its one billion followers reside. Such killings have increased since Narendra Modi and his right-wing Bharatiya Janata party came to power in September The history of Hinduism is unique among the world religions in that it has no founder or date of origin. The former includes the Bhagavad-Gita Song of the Lord , an influential text that describes the three paths to salvation. In , archaeologists uncovered evidence of an ancient civilization along the Indus River, which today runs through northwest India into Pakistan.

Judaism and Zoroastrianism also survived the many impacts they received, but Judaism failed to absorb Christianity , its all-conquering offspring, which after just a couple of centuries clearly overshadowed it, and there are only around , Zoroastrian believers left today.

The ritual hymns which they chant, passed down orally for many centuries, are gathered in the Rigveda , the earliest of all religious texts.

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British Period CE—the present: The civilisation was extensive, from the eastern foothills of the Himalayas, to Lothar on the Gujarat coast, and to Sutgagen Dor near the Iranian border. At first, the British did not interfere with the religion and culture of the Indian people, allowing Hindus to practice their religion unimpeded.

Hinduism is more than a religion. The origins and authors of its sacred texts are largely unknown. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion, meaning its followers worship multiple gods.

Up Next. Hindu ministers, including Chanakya, initially introduce Hinduism as the major religion of the empire, but under Ashoka's leadership, the empire later embraces Buddhism. These groups were instrumental in sowing the seeds of Indian nationalism and Hindu missionary movements that later journeyed to the West.

They introduce the doctrine of karma and recommend meditation and the practice of yoga. Some cities of the Indus valley culture have yet to be excavated. Later, at the same conclave, an animal rights activist, Chetan Sharma, said ,. Poet-saints and gurus During this time not only religious literature in Sanskrit developed but also in vernacular languages, particularly Tamil. Empires in India.

When these stories were written down, they spread more quickly and easily throughout India.

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During this time not only religious literature in Sanskrit developed but also in vernacular languages, particularly Tamil. Next tutorial. To log in and use all the features of Khan Academy, please enable JavaScript in your browser. Although today's Hinduism differs significantly from earlier forms of Indian religion, its roots date back as far as BC, making it one of the oldest surviving religions.

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Purusha is dismembered by the gods. Festival of the Goddess Durga. In addition, no trace of horses or chariots have been found in the remains of the Indus Valley culture, but were central to Aryan military and ritual life. He is possibly based on a historical leader of the Aryans in their advance into India, for one of his titles is 'city-breaker'. Make a donation.