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Type of the selected play and level of involvement in the same tell the educator much about development level of given child. Plays are conductive to shaping of the emotional and evaluating sphere. Richness of the essences and forms of play does not have to depend on quality of the toys or playing ground. This task is significantly facilitated by the breakdown of the plays, even through its function of record.

It is sufficient to mention Montaigne who played declensions with his father, Jan Amos Komensky who recommended the fun teaching of reading using moving alphabet. For the child the play makes a key to transplantation of the real world into the child's one. Cialdini R.

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Play accompanies man throughout the life. Sociologists noticed its important significance for the socialization process. Skip to main content. BECK, Warszawa. Being a method of learning and studying of the new roles, inter-human relations, the play is repleted with the pictorial presentations. The third type in turn are the group plays — children are assigned a joint goal, and everyone has its assigned role. User Username Password Remember me.

Children’s Upbringing in the Perception of Engaged Couples

Thus they learn responsibility and empathy. Remember me on this computer. Child who becomes engaged in the play experiences emotions which are established for the play resulting from rich imagination of the playing child. It is only the children of a fully radiant and joyous mood, in the atmosphere of acceptation by adults and peers, who can develop correctly.

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Regrettably during play an individual can experience the negative emotions of sorrow, regret or move. With the years passing and man becoming mature its functions and features change. Behaviors like those are 15 Tyszkowa, M. Cognitive goals are related to delivery of the new information and its development.

psychologia wychowawcza przetacznikowa pdf merge

He thought that the playing child attempts to leap above the level of its regular behavior. Sign up. Psychologia wychowawcza Tom 2 - Maria Przetacznik-Gierowska Key words: