Why I Miss the Old Victoria's Secret

Hi - I never bothered with VS until the late 90's, because I thought that all they sold was lingerie, and I wasn't big on that. I'm just so frustrated because it was one of my favorite places to shop.

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Disappointed they aim to please this demographic of customer. I used to shop at VS and was always grateful for gift certificates but not any longer.

Who knows how much money they'll save not producing those clothes any longer? I am petite but have or used to have, LOL! I'm deeply disappointed with what they've done and would not buy from them unless they kept going with what good thing they had going before.

Browse Related. See all. Moda International , Good , M Im tall its the only store I could get long and wore these to work. How sad for us consumers who just want good quality, attractive clothing but are unable to find that anymore at a reasonable price. Women's handbags.

Blouses, tanks, tees, croptops, camis, halters, bustiers, corsets, lingerie, dresses, skirts, loungewear, trousers, chinos, leggings, workout pants, activewear, shorts, jackets, sweaters, cardigans, accessories Related brands: Douglas, Arizona, United States. So glad I found this site I am searching for a reasonable explanation as to why they would sell only torn shirts and pants called pink and a couple of ill fitting bras and panties I can get anywhere else for half the price.

My regret was all the clothes I gave away thinking I would replace them with newer items. I mostly ordered the 32! Choose from over 40 different categories with millions of products.

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Item Details Stand collar with ribbed knit inset collar, removable hood, zip closure with snap overlay, ribbed knit inset cuffs. Feb They're also not as expensive, but a lot of their stuff is too sexy for work.

I adore those tailored stiff jackets, really miss them. It was fun to call VS to order clothes, and hear the recorded "Thank you for calling Victoria's Secret Catalog," in a posh British accent.

Unknown December 06, 5: Seriously no alterations needed in a size 0. The store was full of men just standing around probably taking in all the free porn on the walls and I was horrified that I had to almost yell out my bra size in front of all of them. Item Details Notched lapels, double-breasted button closure, long sleeves. They keep discontinuing the classic scents and adding new ones only to discontinue less than a year later Email them, write them if I could I would show up at a stock holders meeting and present the comments on this site.

I posted this blog post a while ago to the Facebook page for Victoria's Secret. I bought two pairs in the early 's, possibly late 's. Also shop in Also shop in. I love this article and feel exactly the same way as all you good people. Sadly, the downfall of VS is a representation of the downfall of many things in society. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see them start shuttering stores in the next few years.

Thanks for listening. Years ago, I along with my friends, kept a huge supply of cotton panties; they were the best quality, flattering, never rode up, and came in great colors. Moda International Knee-Length Dresses.