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Different caste and communities has their own belief and tradition. People go to Monasteries, Stupas and Chaityas and perform ceremonial rituals there. Indeed, Hyolmo is famous for its excellent views and unique traditional interior decoration as well as tidiness.

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In Hyolmo organisation, they proclaim Nepal is secular state but their mind is still century back. In this juncture I would like to take an opportunity to elucidate the cultural and traditional realities of Hyolmo community which clearly distinct itself with other communities.

However, Hyolmo people being hardworking and honest enable them to earn and return to their villages, which inspired other Hyolmos as well to follow the same track and this situation distracted them to educate their children in order to make competent and enable them to hold the high level posts within the country. Dear Wagleji, 1. The year-old entrepreneur β€” who started skiing in Nepal two years ago after seeing pictures on Facebook of a German friend skiing β€” is trying to encourage more people to try the sport through his Kathmandu-based nonprofit, the Nepal Ski and Snowboard Foundation.

In retrospect, after the establishment of Democracy in , Hyolmo people were kept completely out of the regime and not provided ample opportunity to take part in the process of national building. Day excursion to Ama Yangri Peak m that takes hours for round trip. The trek passes through some beautiful rhododendron, pine and oak forests and interesting Nepal Villages en route. Hike down hill about hours from Tarkegyang and drive to Namo Buddha,.

The twelve animals of the Tamang years. We wanted to know. If we count the years after Prithivi narayan shah who united Nepal then it has been approximately years but our history goes much further than that.

In fact, the government should focus more attention on these minority communities, whose identity is in the verge of extinction. Please feel free to contact us. Although, there are several holy caves and sites revealed by many great Tantric Masters and left many such sites still to be revealed. The people from this trekking route are Chhetries, Newars, Tamangs and sherpas.

But, due to the lack of education, Hyolmo people decline to keep their own distinct identity and adopted that of other community, which has now created some confusion and constraint for the proper identity and development of entire aspects of Hyolmo community. My answer: From low altitudes, we have excellent views of mountains that include the Langtang Range, the Annapurnas, Manaslu and even Everest on a clear day.

Ski entrepreneurs like Pathak believe downhill skiing could open up tourism in Nepal's normally quiet winter season, increasing incomes for guides and hotel owners. Moreover, we deal with empowering hyolmo women and youth organizing variety of awareness raising and capacity building program to capacitate their selfconfidence for their personal and societal development.

He has arrived from Kathmandu with skis and other equipment, and two busloads of people, to try to hook them on skiing here β€” the closest spot with some snow.

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Krishna Thapa, 35, has worked as a ski instructor in the U. Attire Sometime it is not possible to differentiate among different nationalities just observing their faces and outlook, and this situation is not merely prevailing in Nepal but also around the world. I was deeply moved on the route from MBC to…. They try to grab the attire of other communities, which is in real term can be said as unawareness of their own true traditional dress history.

Among different components of tradition the most important component is kinship and marital system.