Helping Students Take Ownership of their Learning

Classroom Management for Angry Parents Our classroom management tips from veteran teachers to help you learn how to Contact the K Teachers Alliance to plan your training. Next ask them: Free Lesson Plans Grade K-2 Students can be valuable resources in the areas of training and support.

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Share this: Creating choices or menus can come in all shapes and sizes. Here's how to get students to move beyond lip-syncing someone else's words. This approach focuses on strategies to help the students identify gaps in knowledge and move on to asking questions which will form the basis of their individual or group projects, essay writing, debating or other tasks.

Guskey and Eric M.

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Although a controversial activity, it clearly had a lasting impact on his students. Students can grade themselves with the same rubric you would use the grade them.

Name required. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Build ownership by encouraging voice Student voice is actually taking the notion of choice to a higher level. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Once students have had a chance to share, you can provide an alternative perspective: Educators must help students learn how to identify their passions; build connections to others who share those passions; and communicate, collaborate, and work collectively with online networks.

Or do they feel like they own it with you, that it is our classroom?

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Have students put together a portfolio digital or paper that gives examples of each kind of figurative language being used according to a scale. The fastest way to empower students is to make their work matter in the real world.

Learn Students' Goals. This makes students whose performance was less than optimal take responsibility for their lack of work, which is at the heart of students taking ownership!

5 Ways to Increase Student Ownership in Your Classroom

If only the exam offered the choice of painting picture, creating an advertisement or rapping a rhyme. Table of Contents Buy the Article The Power of Audience Steven Levy Teachers in Expeditionary Learning schools have discovered that finding an authentic audience for a genuine product is the key to getting students to take responsibility for their own work. Buy this issue. Vokoun and Terry Patrick Bigelow. Gin Sorrow, a middle school teacher, shared a leadership story with me: The authors describe how this model builds instruction around student-designed projects to increase student engagement, while also providing a structure that ensures student mastery of curriculum standards.

Write down suggestions without arguing with them.