SMT RGB 5050 LED - 10 pack

Shop our strips here. Rate Thread. I think maybe noise on the control line when the CLCP rebooted? Attached Images Wiring Diagram. I observed all of the things that you did, exactly as described in the top post in this thread. When purchasing LED strip lights, you should ask yourselves these questions: Write a product review. So a LED is actual a combination of 3x chips in 1.

Good operating current is 15mA each. It is really rather easy if you can solder. Find all posts by SpeedyV. They are half a centimeter on a side, which makes them small but not so small that they are impossible to hand solder. Customers who bought this item also bought. LEDs arrived today. WSB 2 x 36 - 3. I have not cut them in half yet but when I did a full reboot, a few of the LEDs in the 2nd set of 72 illuminated and stayed lit.

And because im getting my interiors done, i gave the box to my electrician who opened all of them but then when he checked the led strip, it was NOT true RGB, my electrician told me that tye strips that this seller had sold me were really cheap quality.

The two answers differ.

RGB LED Strip Lights Colour Changing LEDs

The numbers you see such as and refer to the size of the chip. Sign up now! These chips are 5. We used it this Diwali around hours daily for 5 days continuously without any problem.

I very carefully laid out the strip and touched up the connection points with the soldering iron. Originally Posted by SpeedyV. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.