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Battery may still be bad or starter. You should check the starter when absolutely nothing happens after turning the ignition switch, or the car turns over slowly with faint dash lights. About Us Corporate Overview. Changed oil to the correct weight and it cranked like new. The issue is now resolved and the car starts like a champ! And if it is well below zero F don't expect your car to crank over easily in any case but the right oil changed at the proper interval can make all the difference sometimes.

Do slow cranks "just happen" in the winter? - Maintenance/Repairs - Car Talk Community

There was full power to the lights and interior. My car is a crysler Check for loose or corroded connections on the heavy wires between battery, frame, starter solenoid, and starter motor. All checked out good. You might also like More from author. Low pressure can mean a failed fuel pump or failed pressure regulator and high fuel pressure can mean a bad regulator or a kinked line. I have to ask my honda city with engine ph Failing Solenoid 6.

Older, weaker batteries will typically already have reduced performance and cold temperatures will often drastically reduce this further, to the point where the battery will discharge or go flat very quickly.

Lastly, a cold engine takes more fuel to start and run so it often takes a few more quirts of your injectors to get enough fuel to actually allow combustion to happen for the first time. I have a Honda Civic that is slow to start.

Could someone advised what I shall do or what happened. The car is a Honda CR-V pushing , miles. Thanks again for your question! They are testing the battery in the condition that you are bringing it to them in, it may not test as failing in the vehicle after driving for 30 minutes.

Peter says 9 months ago. TooMany2cvs 29, posts 64 months. My issues eventually lead to a dying battery, once I replaced it the problem was gone. Marie says 2 days ago. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. If your car cranks slower than usual in these circumstances you may consider checking your electrical connections to your starter or the condition of your battery.

If you are in a hurry and need to get moving fast, you can attempt to jump start your car. The internal components of a starter do wear out over time causing slower and slower starts and then eventually the clicking noise you mentioned. Thomas, Thanks for your question about your Tucson.

Japheth says 11 months ago. Make sure your battery is in good condition. I recently have gone to my mechanic to do the tune up before this things happen.

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