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Vintage Cartier Malmaison Palisander Rosewood sunglasses. Complimentary returns and exchanges within 14 days of purchase. Some of the real ones are not exactly centered, but close. Classified Ads. Oval Protection: There are a total of collet diamonds that add up to 7. Cereal number- BO But this one take takes the cake as it has costly embellishments that drive up the price to a handsome 25k dollars.

CRT - C Decor sunglasses - Bubinga wood, smooth golden finish, brown lenses - Cartier

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Magnificent sunglasses. The first "r" is angling down too far The letters are too thin The plate should be flush with the arm 5 Next, Make sure there is the Cartier logo on the lens and it's of high quality.

A highlight of its design is the special technique used to set the diamonds more closely together compared to the classic pave setting. Related Products. The first thing to look for is overall quality. Explore Theme: Cartier Ascot. Authorized Seller. Cartier Sunglasses Follow.

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Condition is Pre-owned. Lenses can be made with antireflective, flash mirrored, polarized, and photochromic coatings. You find "Cartier Vendome Santos", the most famous Cartier model of the 80s, with all its original accessories here in this category.

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In the years between, there were times steeped in history and historical events, which we describe in detail here: Cartier Tank - M. All hallmarks.

Cartier Vendome Santos - S. Newest Price: Returns Accepted. White horn sunwear with smooth golden finish, rectangular shape, brown lenses, protection 3, flex hinges. Cartier is well known for its jewellery, wrist watches and eyeglasses.