How to Remove Underarm Stains and Odor from Clothes

Erythrasma is treated using oral or topical antibiotics.

Why do antiperspirants stain my clothes? HowStuffWorks

Get a bottle of tea tree oil from the pharmacy and rub a drop under each arm after bathing. Underarm stains are very evident on white shirts because the fabric turns yellow.

Get Rid of Ring Around the Collar. Dry clean after each wearing to prevent armpit yellowing. Jess on May 13, at In no time no one would guess you were exercising in those clothes!

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So, I started to wonder. You have to be very careful! Steele recommends laser hair removal.

Fortunately, scientific reviews refute the dangers of absorbing aluminum through antiperspirants, so your biggest concern rests on stain removal [source: We started getting those black stains a few months ago, sometime after we started using pods. While it can affect otherwise healthy people, acanthosis nigricans is frequently found in individuals with insulin disorders, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

How to Get Rid of Sweat Stains and Tips to Prevent Pit Stains

Pit Stains are Stoppable. More than half of adults who are percent or more over their ideal body weight experience darkening in their underarms and other skin folds.

When to see your doctor. Here's why. Antiperspirants and deodorants are two distinct products, but in our everyday speech we tend to use the terms interchangeably and I have done so throughout this response as a way to help people using search find what they need. Lisa Reynoso on May 15, at 1: Sweat is usually colorless, unless you are suffering from one of rare medical conditions that may cause the sweat to turn yellow or even black.

A combination of medicines and home remedies could help lighten the color. Dark underarm discoloration can be caused by a medical condition known as acanthosis nigricans. If you've ever removed your favorite white T-shirt only to find the fabric near your underarms marred by sweat stains , then we've got news for you: My only solution, after many tries with various products, is to toss them when I can't stand them any longer.