The Wholesale Markets of Guangzhou, China

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Over rental outlets are now available along many BRT lines and subway stations. Guangzhou is often negatively referred to as the Los Angeles of China, thanks to its sprawl of highways, shopping malls, smog, traffic jams, diverse population and its comparatively high crime-rate. TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. Most of the clothes in Bai Ma are Chinese brands and tend to be more 'Chinese style'.

The metro train station is Guangzhou Railway station on Line 2.

The Paradoxes of Creativity in Guangzhou, China's Wholesale Market for Fast Fashion

Countless travellers have gone to the wrong station and missed their trains, so carefully check your ticket. As with normal bus routes, there is almost no English at BRT stations, and only the current station name is in pinyin.

Thai 4. Profile Join. Soup is also an important part of Cantonese cuisine. Other special lines are: Language All languages. Transfers from GZ metro lines and Yangchengtong cards are accepted.

Hotels tend to be booked and expensive during the Fair. The Bus Rapid Transit system went into service in early Carlsberg is also brewed in Guangzhou, which explains the reasonably large amount of Carlsberg taps in the bars.

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It is usually faster and more convenient for people to use the bridges or metro to cross the river, rather than wait for the ferries. Canton is the capital of Guangdong Province in southern China. Those wholesale market at Zhanxi are mostly knockoffs. The different names may be referring to the same station. It lasts for several weeks each time — for example, the Fall Fair is October 15 to November 4.

Temperatures can reach almost 40 degrees Celsius. Previous Next 1 … 13 14 15 … All forums. While Guangzhou is not usually high on the list of Asian tourist destinations, it is amazing how much the city actually has to offer. Good wholesale shopping - Onelink International Plaza. General Shopping in Guangzhou and University student guides.

Despite claims of Guangzhou being a dangerous city, it is not dangerous at all, in comparison to any large western city. Spanish 8. Typhoon season is from June to September. There are two major passenger ports - Nansha Port and Lianhuashan Port, and many other smaller ones. There are two on Yijing Road, which is at the southern end of the markets: There are a few wholesale markets at Zhanxi are all for name brand knock-offs. We are a professional clothing manufacturer based in Humen Town, Dongguan City, in the south of China.

The ticket is a small round plastic token, which you tap over the reader at the gate to enter the platform, and at the exit where you surrender the token into the slot like a vending machine. Hi, do we get chemical lace borders, 3D laces and accessories in ZhongDa market or at nearby markets? Its details are archived for historical purposes.