DIY God’s Eyes

Recommended Creativity Inspiration. When you are finished with your central diamond, cut the color yarn you are working with, leaving enough tail to tuck under itself to hold it temporarily in place. Share 3. For smaller children, you can glue the sticks together first.

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Imagine how it will look and what you will do with it. I've tried making these years ago and believe me By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. Let glue dry. Parachute said 7 years ago. This post contains affiliate links.

How To Make A God’s Eye

Your email address will not be published. Now I am inspired to experiment. We spend hours making homemade slime at our house. Play around with wrapping the yarn in different directions and patterns to create lots of different looks!

Instructions Place the two craft sticks so that they cross each other. You might like this yarn painting craft for kids. Also, though, try hard not to have two adjoining colors clash sharply.

God’s Eye Craft Tutorial

Experiment a bit as you make this type of design, and try and find a balance between the design made by the yarn, and the spaces created in between the design elements. Love how this is appropriate for all ages - not just for camp. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Lots of left over yarn laying around here in my home..

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Just like this: Once the center is secure, wrap the yarn once around one stick, then turn the cross 90 degrees and wrap yarn around the next stick, continue this process, pushing the yarn snugly toward the center as you work. Wrap the yarn around the bottom "arm", then up and around the "arm". From hosting a shrimp boil, celebrating holidays, making homemade scratch art paper, sewing gifts and throwing parties to cooking delicious food, you will find it all here at Skip To My Lou.

Cut a new piece of yarn and push it under the yarn on one end. HelloMountains said 7 years ago. FantasticDIY said 7 years ago. Post Comments Atom. I am in love!