Betty Broderick

Richard Sachs, who argued against a grant of parole at the hearing.

As for Linda,the thought of her alone makes me sick,to think that this rather hollow pun intended individual was aware of the fact that Dan was married with 4 kids and continued to pursue the relationship in light of this and even went insofar aiding Dan in his schemes to destroy Betty,is beyond disgusting and her sister Maggie expects us to remember someone of this caliber?! This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated.

Convicted murderer Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Broderick denied parole – Press Enterprise

People need to remember that in the Betty story, how much she sacrificed for him, only to be thrown over for a bleached blonde twat with only a high school education. I just watched a program about this and her tone is shrill and manic. Daniel Broderick was a well-known medical malpractice lawyer.

Dan would've dumped Linda as soon as he grew tired of her. And it wasn't 16k for life. Not that I'm a prude. I mean, if I died with my husband, you goddamn better believe that I would be buried with him.

Then there is the torment that Dan and Linda did to Betty. He then announced his intention to combine his medical expertise with a J.

Infamous killer’s parole is denied

Twenty-six years after the murder, Lorraine reflected on the events. I do not think they feared her, although Linda made a joke that she would come after them with a shotgun.

Linda used to sign Betty's alimony checks and write "Maintanence of Cow" on the memo. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Why is it fair to congratulate Dan on his ambitions but not Betty? Linda even use to countersign legal documents for Dan which Betty would receive during their divorce proceedings, cruel or what?

I agree with every single word. Betty returned from her honeymoon pregnant with her first child, daughter Kim b. Yes, I do admit to feeling a little satisfaction that the hose-bags are dead. I'm happy to see a picture of Lee Broderick after all these years. My right. Her year-old ex-husband fell off the bed after being shot in the back, while attempting to reach for the phone to call for help.

But after all, they drove methodically Betty to insanity and after all the years of torturing him, she snapped back.

Betty Broderick speaks out

They have no reason to deny my parole. Dan wanted to relive his youth because he felt cheated of life, yet he was the one who insisted on marriage.

Every book on Betty I ever read indicated that divorced wives were disenfranchised, and the social circle went with the man, regardless of what he may have done to cause the divorce. It can lead to tragedies like this. In some ways, another tragedy was Betty's belief - shared undoubtedly by many women of her time - that the be-all and end-all of life was marriage to a successful man.