GREAT BEAR STAKEOUT airing soon on BBC and Discovery!

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Thank you for all that you do! Series Producer Mary Summerill. Cineflex owner and operator Daniel Zatz talks through shots with producer Jeff Wilson.

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Great Bear Stakeout

Plot Summary. Personal tools Login. Married at First Sight 4. I have seen several programs about animals, but none has been like this. Trailers and Videos. Is this film available commercially on dvd? May 15, at 9: The bears must catch hundreds of these fish if they are to bulk up and survive the harsh winter months. It was so true waht was said in the film- humans are just like bears!!

BBC apologises for misleading viewers in Great Bear Stakeout The Independent

Fellow bear guide Buck Wilde. There are moose here, but they are usually more elusive than this as there are bears and wolves everywhere. Parsnip was a first time mom as we could see from her trial and error approach to surviving the meadow and bay with two cubs.

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The Masked Singer 6. This area is ruled by a massive male bear, Van, and his partner Alice, a prized female bear with an aggressive and sinister side. Fellow bear guide John Mitchell transfers the crew at the end of a long shoot.

The Great Bear Stakeout – TV review Television & radio The Guardian

Brought back such wonderful memories of the Katmai Coast and Brooks Camp. I can understand him having hostility towards males due to competition but am confused as to why he has hostility towards females. Chris Morgan David Marks floats the incoming tide.

Anna Konkle 2. Anita Gilden says: Great Bear Stakeout —.