Overland Africa

The herd, led by young bulls, runs towards us, gaining momentum as we bash our way backwards through the trees. As the night thickens, I become aware of a scratching, something out there sniffing and scuffling, inquisitive rather than threatening.

I feel at one with the universe. Using smaller vehicles, and travelling on shorter more comprehensive routes, our small group tours are ideal for single travellers and families too.

A little bit about Chobe National Park

Check out our accommodated tour style for more! If you have doubts about camping please don't - the mattresses were A LOT more comfy than i expected, the tents were HUGE and i had hot showers most of the time! Then there are rubbing and digging sounds, and the padding feet of something very large. There is so much choice nowadays when you are trying to plan a holiday that it is often difficult to decide exactly where to go. Shebashful about Chobe River Boat Cruises Lodge on Tripadvisor At nights we could hear all sorts of animals and awoke both mornings to find that the noises we were hearing were wondering next to our tents throughout the night.

Jack was our guide and a fabulous guide and chef! Our driver Khumbu and guide Philile were amazing, professional and shared a wealth of knowledge. As we debate returning to camp, a majestic lion emerges from a clump of bushes, beckoned by a stunning lioness sashaying her tail. It is easy to see then that the more remote the camp, the more expensive it is. The choice of In this section we shall introduce those hotels and lodges which will be used on the Botswana Tours and Safaris.

Website by Wildweb. From the plains of the Serengeti or the iconic River Nile, to thundering Victoria Falls and picturesque Cape Town, we at Acacia firmly believe there is nothing quite as fulfilling as a journey through Africa. We therefore include accommodation at Chobe Safari Lodge. You need to choose something which you will be comfortable with. Our tailor-made tours cater to those who wish to plan on their own time, and suits those who would like to hire a car and drive themselves, or need a little more luxury in their travel arrangements.

Headed up by Ake Lindstrom, this is a very serious company with a real taste for adventure.

Botswana and Okavango Delta tours and safaris

We were unsure what to expect with the food as well but we were pleasantly surprised with how good it was and well portioned. Enjoy the best of an adventurous yet dust-free safari, while still surrounded by luxury and comfort.

And Stretch is rather famous for his close encounters with big game, a reason in itself why many clients travel here. Game viewing in this area is certainly the best and it is much easier to reach from both Maun and Savute.

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The National Parks were amazing, we never saw so many wild animals so close in nature, the rangers were very skilled and explained all details. Moremi to Savute.

Welcome to the only lodge in the Kasane Forest Reserve with a watering hole near at hand. Our tour leader Shingi was the most enthusiastic person I have ever met and is really knowledgeable, helpful and flexible. The tour itself was a great way for us to see Kruger, Botswana and Victoria Falls. Thank you We will add you to our newsletter mailing list. I must have dozed off till a hugely loud roar seemed just meters away.

There are a wide variety of accommodation options available whilst on safari.