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I have tried a dozen ideas and all have failed in xp. In the absence of a font being found, the web browser will use its default font, which may be a user-defined one. I can get web fonts to work on most browsers, but if i want it to work on internet explorer 7, I need to put the html, the css and the font files in the same folder!

Got it? Chris Coyier.

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There are a lot of variants of this font. Permalink to comment April 28, Palatino Palatino dates back to the Renaissance.

Here you can consult a extended manual for styles, script subsets, and using multiple fonts. This works for me but renders the font in a heavier weight than when I just had foolishly been using the simple: Permalink to comment March 26, I realize this is almost two months old, but in the off chance you revisit this post… Photoshop has an anti-alias feature in the type tool.

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Permalink to comment May 26, That would end this silly charade. That took 60 seconds. Web browsers can access fonts online, as well as users local installations, taking advantage of the best of both worlds to provide a seamless user experience. I say avoid Helvetica. Go to FontSquirrel and see if they already have font-kits for the fonts. While not all of them are winners Comic Sans MS? The holding page doesnt matter to much but need to resolve it as I am developing our new site at the moment.

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Using @font-face

Bookman Bookman or Bookman Old Style is another perfect headline option that maintains legibility or readability even when used in a small size. Is just one declaration more efficient and faster to load? We're experiencing a moment of great creativity in the use of web typography.

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