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Winter Landscape Photos How to Photograph Winter Shots from Nikon

Back to the main 'Photography Tutorials' page. Related Topics Life Photography Snow. Charge two, and keep one in an inside pocket. Wool or polyester fleece hats will aid in wicking away perspiration.

Moose Peterson: How to Photograph Winter Landscapes

In recent years phone cameras have become incredibly advanced, and the World Photography Organisation even has awards for mobile phone photos. This goes for all pictures you take but think about getting down to the level of your subject. Even minor overexposure will turn rolling snowy hills into a flat white patch. So how do you make sure your Instagram snaps stand out from the crowd? What if you drop your camera in the snow? I find that a three-stop No. When the camera is left to calculate the exposure by itself, it tries to read all the tones and colors in the scene and integrate to gray.

If the weather sealing on your lenses still makes you a little worried, Closz recommends adding a little extra protection around the mount. Featured Articles. A speedlite is also useful because you can dial in the strength of the blast by putting it on manual power. I always like to look at the histogram of the first few shots of a session to make sure that things are going according to plan.

Getting used to working with gloves by practicing on your camera before heading out into the cold is always a good idea.

How to Shoot Photographs in the Snow - Correct Exposure Compensation

So, you put your camera on manual exposure and take a light reading. When in doubt, bracket shots by one to two stops over and under your initial exposure setting. Travel Photography Take better holiday photos without losing your sanity.

Pin It on Pinterest. You learn a lot regardless of whether you guess right or wrong…actually more when you guess wrong.

Packing the right kit If you're venturing out into the woods or city it might sound obvious or even silly to say, but wrap up warm. Extended Depth of Field For perfectionists. Best DSLR cameras This is a great tool for darkening blue skies, adding definition to clouds, eliminating glare and adding more saturation to colors.

Most Popular 1. Yes, you may pick up a little digital noise by turning up the ISO, but a snow storm is a fairly friendly high ISO subject.

Standing on a foam sleeping pad or even an old doormat will go a long way toward keeping your feet from freezing. Manual exposure is a camera setting. To keep things dry in inclement conditions, a rain cover, an umbrella or even a heavy-duty plastic bag although they can be stiff and a little unwieldy will work.