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Procedure in case of lost receipts An application from the depositor is to be given. For this purpose time deposit means deposits repayable on the expiry of a fixed period i. Term Deposit A term deposit is a deposit held at a financial institution that has a fixed term, and guarantees a return of principal.

Featured products. Paper statements can still be requested, where the principal, interest rate, and duration as agreed by the lender and financial institution are included in the statement. If on the death of the depositor, both the nominee and the legal heir make their claims simultaneously in respect of the deposit, the bank would take note of the legal heir holding succession certificate.

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Time deposits are lower-risk investment mechanisms that provide a specified interest rate in return for leaving funds deposited for a specified amount of time. In some circumstances a service fee may be charged on the everyday account. Partner Links. Learn how to find the best CD rates today. Applicants must be properly identified. Senior Citizens i. Fixed deposits are a high-interest -yielding Term deposit and offered by banks in India.

The maximum amount that can be accepted for deposit in such account is Rs. Note that the overall return on investment will be affected by any fees you pay, whether at setup or at maturity. Although funds can be withdrawn from CDs without notice on demand , there are penalties for early withdrawal.

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An indemnity bond is to be obtained in the prescribed form in all cases. Face value of deposit does not exceed Rs. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation. In this case, interest rates for savings vehicles, such as term deposits, will go down, making them unfavorable investment portals.

The advice is equally valid as provided by branch.

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Login Advisor Login Newsletters. Sureties may be waived in the following circumstances. What is the mode of operation? The funds in these accounts must be held for a fixed term and include the understanding that the depositor can make a withdrawal only by giving notice. Personal Finance. Share this article.

Renewal of deposits: One Crore and above for any period will be allowed as per the discretion of Bank. In case of payment before maturity, consent of legal heirs of deceased is required.