Programming with Go in Vim

Latest commit e9fb Dec 13, Like pathogen. It can be: All that Pathogen does is allow each plugin to be in a separate contained directory.

To start, I will install the plugin manager called pathogen. We also pass some other arguments here. Notes on Ubuntu Linux computing Brief notes on installation, setup and other tasks in the Ubuntu world.

On the flip side, some ideas I'll reject no matter how good the implementation is. Save main.

GitHub - tpope/vim-pathogen: manage your runtimepath

Vread have all moved to scriptease. For example:. Elegant and simple, what else do you want? Doing so you can help Vim continue to stay awesome as new programming languages come and go.

You can add this snippet from the FAQ to your vimrc file before the plug begin call: Native Vim Package Management Vim 8 includes support for package management in a manner similar to pathogen.

Vim, pathogen and git submodules - Ruslan Osipov

I don't want such an intrusive plugin manager which pulls the most recent bugs from repositories on GitHub. In the first line we start out by matching the swiftString region which defines start , end , and optional skip patterns.

What takes you hours might take me minutes simply because I have both domain knowledge and a perverse knowledge of Vim script so vast that many would consider it a symptom of mental illness.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I know it is kind of obvious, but your plugins folders actually have files inside? Michael Kropat Michael Kropat 3 8. Ask Question.

Synchronizing plugins with git submodules and pathogen

The full output of the features enabled in my custom build of Vim can be found here. Upgrading problems is similarly difficult: Sign up using Email and Password. Runtime Path Manipulation Add this to your vimrc: It may matter which version of Vim you're on, since a feature may have been added after your version of Vim. It gives us the line number for the current line to be indented.

I am moving to vim as my main editor. For your use case, you can always install a plugin using Vundle, and then go to the installed directory of your plugin and git checkout to a previous tag or commit. GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Post as a guest Name. Using this information, along with some pattern matching, we can build out cases where our lines should be indented more, less, or the same as the surrounding lines.