Create 3D type in 10 simple steps

Click on the image to watch the one-minute video. Light Intensity. Download Source File. To apply the custom bevel, do one of the following:. Double-click on the first Gradient slider. Subscribe and get our newsletter! Delete Light button. When a surface is selected in the dialog box, the selected surface is outlined in red in the document window.

Get a design. Since each copy is moved 1pt left and down, if you want a 50pt shadow enter 50 copies. There are two ways to create a 3D object: Deletes the selected light. Finally, we are going to adjust the height of the sides of the text with Extrude Depth to make them slightly shorter to 40pt. Click on OK. Right click on the object and go to 'transform' - 'move' Set the position of the shadow preview is always a good option to select here and, instead of clicking 'OK', click 'Copy' Right click on the copied object and send it backward Go to 'Object' - 'Blend' - 'Blend Options' and here select the type of blend as 'Specified Steps', enter a number in the input field I usually use the same highest number as I used in the move function in step 3 and the alignment which might require you to complete the steps and then undo as it is highly dependent on the object you are working with , and click 'Ok' With both objects still selected, click 'Object' - 'Blend' - 'Make', and you should be presented with your blended object.

If someone would like to play with it, here it is: See Revolve options. Share this article: Click and drag this yellow into the Swatches Panel and create another yellow by subtracting another 40 from R and G so it becomes , , You proved us right again. You're in! Extrude Depth. This example uses a default fill that comes with most versions of Illustrator. Sign up using Facebook. Lighting Sphere. Bevel heights that are too large for an object may cause the object to self-intersect and produce unexpected results.

How to create 3D objects in Illustrator

This will give us the shape we are looking for. In the above screenshot the stroke inset of the original letterforms has been set to black and the fill has been set to white. Hot Network Questions. See Lighting options. On the Pathfinder menu, select the Minus Front option. Sign up using Email and Password.

The process for this is simple: We grabbed this vintage illustration set from the RF library.

Learn How To Create A Retro 3D Text Effect - RF

Makes the object reflect light as if it were made of a shiny, high-gloss material. To shade the sides of the text, we need to create more colors. Adjust the tracking of the word as to how you see fit. Tomasz Lechocinski. Clean as required. Get ready for amazing stuff in your inbox.