Using the Singer Futura (CNC Sewing Machine at Pier 9)

This will usually result when you are in the Text portion of your software. So, if a user decides to use a different hoop than the one the machine has detected, it is necessary to change the program's setting before embroidering see below procedure, Step 4. Singer Futura Editing Software Price: A large selection of embroidery designs are incorporated, great to get you started and the design file feature can read most embroidery file formats. Type in the Access code from AutoPunch jewel case and then left click on the check mark to open program.

Next de-select the Text tool to return to the main screen. To determine what version of either software you have, you will find this information around the inside rim of the CD at approximately 4 o'clock.

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The patch for bit Windows Vista, win 7 is at http: You can also rotate the pattern in this dialog box by selecting a direction and then typing in an amount. Now return to the main screen deselect lettering by left clicking on it. You will see a Start Up Screen.

From the top tool bar, click on "Help" and then select "Open the Manual".

How do you bring two designs into the same hoop at one time? Singer Quantum Futura electronic sewing machine. Click to enlarge image. We will look at spacing between lines first. Close the screen. Software Use Designs Can part of a design be deleted? When opening the saved file please note the stitch count of this file. See all results. Unlike traditional embroidery, PhotoStitch does not use fills and running stitches.

Bit of a problem with stock on web page, but once machine was in, got it the next day. This is important if you can change the size or the position of the design. Online Shopping - Bedding, Furniture, Electronics, Jewelry, Clothing & more

The ability to add embroidery to garments and crafts is a huge step up from just regular sewing. I would suggest using the bobbin winder on one of the other machines instead, it's not really worth the trouble. If you size down the pattern a few percent the stitches will re-appear.

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Satin Outline — adds a column outline either in same color or can select to change color of outline.

Left click on the block you want to move. Posted on April 27, Delivery was sooner than expected excellent service. Hold the thread end securely above the bobbin, and then press the green operation switch on the front panel of your machine to begin winding. Do not use metal bobbins. Simply left click on the "T" to return to the main program and all of the tools should now be accessible.

Convert your computer's Windows true type fonts into custom monograms and lettering. Select your design, but do not apply the stitches. Fill Underlay Density — runs at a 45 degree angle to the fill.

Sewing machine must be attached to computer to machine embroider.