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There were also two Kathryn Joosten appearances: Jerry Orbach , S. The Dark Knight. A non-canon comic, Spike: Sherman Potter, at the beginning of Season 4. Robert Trebor played the escaped slave Waylon in the second Hercules Made-for-TV Movie , then returned to the series as Salmoneus the anything-for-a-buck salesman who appeared on Hercules more often than any other recurring character and thrice on Xena. John Amos played James Evans Sr.

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It was a huge success and was regularly revived throughout the century making as was noted at the time 'Rich gay and Gay rich'. They were all major roles, too: His two TNG roles were somewhat related , as both characters interacted with Dr. Shakespeare's ending to King Lear was felt to be too distressing and Nahum Tate's revised version where Cordelia and the King survive was preferred to the original.

This semi-autobiographical play is about and written by Kramer. He had also written some poetry. Alex Paxton-Beesley has appeared twice as Rebecca St. The Dark Knight Rises. Veronica Hamel appeared in a second-season episode as the relative of a victim, and then appeared a season later as Hutch's ex-wife.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Once as Winchester's house boy that was really a spy , and another time as one of three Korean doctors that shadowed the very same Winchester.

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Terry O'Quinn played Lt. He also did his stand-up comedy act as a warm-up for the audience before filming. Power Rangers: He then reportedly decided it would be fun to cast Van Cleef as a Smug Snake , since he'd already used him as a heroic character. Open daily Think about the darkest comedy you know, and then multiply it by roughly a zillion and you get The Pillowman.

A particularly impressive one is Tom Barnaby's replacement and cousin John Barnaby, whose actor had already appeared as a murder suspect and general sleazebag who tried to hit on Barnaby's wife. Want great book recommendations in your inbox every week?

Time is fluid in Arcadia , as it shifts between scenes in the English countryside during the present day and the early nineteenth century. Seven Asian-Americans meet on top of the chapel every week to go UFO spotting, and when one of them eyes a strange ship, it makes everyone question past life experiences including issues of race, sexuality, and faith that they've previously repressed. The Brady Bunch: As this is essentially a Cooking Show crossed with low-budget Sketch Comedy , that is not surprising.