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Sudha Sharma received her Ph. Liu, Chunmei.

PLOS ONE: Human RECQ1 Interacts with Ku70/80 and Modulates DNA End-Joining of Double-Strand Breaks

Unique and important consequences of RECQ1 deficiency in mammalian cells. Toggle navigation. Similar People People who share similar concepts with this person.

Select your Institution Charles R. See all keywords. WRN helicase and FEN-1 form a complex upon replication arrest and together process branchmigrating DNA structures associated with the replication fork.

Byrnes, W.

Adams comes to Howard with an impressive record, including an integral role in six double-figure winning seasons at Northwestern University and a notable coaching career with Big Ten, Patriot League and Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Division I institutions. Effects of abortion legalization in Nepal, Interaction between the helicases genetically linked to Fanconi anemia group J and Bloom's syndrome.

Flap Endonucleases. We have used quantitative chromatin immune-precipitation to show that replication stress induces specific enrichment of RECQ1 at common fragile sites FRA3B and FRA16D where replication forks have stalled following aphidicolin treatment. Local representatives can answer questions about the Profiles website or help with editing a profile or issues with profile data. Methods 10 18; Articles 1—20 Show more.

Sudha Sharma

DNA helicases as targets for anti-cancer drugs. Later that year, he switched majors from international business to political science. Rand has been a vocal advocate for term limits, a balanced-budget amendment, a Read the Bills Act, and an audit of the Federal Reserve.

Next Previous. Cellular deficiency of Werner syndrome protein or RECQ1 promotes genotoxic potential of hydroquinone and benzo[a]pyrene exposure. Johns, deputy administrator of the U.

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Wayne A. Send Message Cancel. Publications Timeline. Luke, A. Biochemical assays for the characterization of DNA helicases. Gordeuk, Victor R. July Citations to this Article [19 citations] The following is the list of published articles that have cited the current article. Curr Med Chem Anticancer Agents. Journal of Biological Chemistry 30 , , Antibody responses of Wuchereria bancrofti patients to recombinant Brugia pahangi superoxide dismutase. Pulmonary nocardiosis in fine-needle aspiration cytology smears: Trop Med Int Health.

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