How to Fix Troubles Caused by Hidden Windows in MS Excel

For the Microsoft Office , you need to click the Change option above the programs list, select the Online Repair option on the next screen, then select the Repair option. PNRao July 18, at 2: Your software really helps make my job easier. Please find the example file here: It is easy to use. Column Number to Column Name. Here's the macro that makes an active worksheet very hidden:. December 4, at 4: If this article was useful for you, please consider supporting us by making a donation.

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Retrieved from http: To keep the macro, be sure to save your file as an Excel macro-enabled workbook. Editorial Staff November 25, Repair Excel.

We thank you for understanding! In this activate menu Excel provides the helpful improvements, since as the entire worksheets are displayed in a single dialog box and after that, you can select a worksheet by entering the first letter of the sheet name. Hi Lisa, The first thought that comes to mind is that you are trying to unhide sheets in a protected workbook.

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How to Hide a Worksheet in Excel (that can not be unhidden)

Hi Tasneem, Before saving the file, protect the Workbook structure with password: To hide multiple sheets at one go, hold the Control key and then select the sheet tabs that you want to hide one by one.

Here we have listed some most common causes. All Hidden Rows 1. Because the menu cannot be accessed by way of keystrokes as it is possible in Excel December 24, at 6: Individual Columns 1. My ComboBox y also named ComboBox1. If the above tip doesn't help you, then:. The status bar has been moved all the way up to the Formula Bar. As, when you open an Excel workbook that has several worksheets, but only single worksheet appears to you.

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Session expired Please log in again. PNRao July 2, at I have index sheet from which i want to access other sheets..

Svetlana Cheusheva says: Tasneem says: The way to identify if your file has more than one window open, is to look at the file name at the top of your screen. MS Excel also allows you to hide a window, which is a function that probably has very limited use. This will prevent unhiding both hidden and very hidden sheets as well as hiding, renaming, moving, or deleting worksheets.

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