Coral Gables. Each portrait was made over three days in bright acrylic colours, all on identically sized canvases with all subjects sitting in the exact same chair. What trends and techniques are prevalent in your field of illustration today?

Wifredo Lam and Aime Cesaire

The process of creating a masterpiece: The exhibition takes over nine rooms across two floors in true rock star fashion. The Continental Pantry offers a delightful blend of European cuisine and wine. Facebook Tweet Send Print. The earliest edition the UL holds of the poem dates from Like this: LEGO pieces.

The process of creating my painting from start to finish depends on the size of the painting. I stayed in Cuba for around one month from August 13th to September 14th.

We have to research, for instance, the relationship between the Odessite and Muscovite conceptualists….

A bit like seeing an old favourite but with a new twist. This was an incredibly influential time and I was keen to return and experience working in Havana again. The difference is in the fact that people in Ukraine want to talk, they want to discuss things. The number is not enormous, but then it is the result of a mere two years of practice in a society not known for a flourishing widespread visual culture.

Call for Entries in the Alternative Havana Biennial May 2018

They range from a day for the very small drawing or sketch to two-three weeks for the very large. From the exhibition Fragile State. Each year, a proposal for needed work is submitted to the British government and approved work is funded.

Interestingly, if there is a mediator or two in the room, little groups of people immediately start to form around them. How to connect the dots between nature, sustainability and carpet making?

How can we be more environmentally aware and shape people's mindsets through what we put out in the world?

Wifredo Lam and Aime Cesaire

Posted by Pablo Leon de la Barra at They asked for a rug of 50 meters based on the same nature concepts that I work on. Notify me of new posts via email. Carpet artwork by Alexandra Kehayoglou. This sustainable product has all the benefits of traditional coal but burns with no smoke or ashes. Follow by Email.