Twitter Language: Twitter Slang and Key Terms Explained

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Where can i make my cricket payment

Download the myCricket app today and manage your wireless account easily while on the go! Use specific phrase hashtags to hone in on a particular topic. These tweets contain the hashtag FF or FollowFriday. Pride of the Marines is a American biographical war film starring John Garfield and.

Short Code -- On Twitter, the short code refers to a 5-digit phone number that people use to send and receive tweets by SMS text messages on mobile phones.

Isis supporters are using Twitter for suggestions on how to kill the Jordanian pilot captured last week, with supporters posting gruesome. Here are some things to keep in mind. Share Pin Email. Now you can log in to My Account using your phone number and password.

Twitter Language - Twitter Slang Explained

Cricket Wireless previously only offered a single off-contract price for devices, but they have just introduced three new payment plans which. Avoid using too many hashtags in a single tweet.

Many belong to celebrities, politicians, media personalities and well-known businesses. This option returns your Apple TV to its factory settings and installs software updates. How catalysts work. Twitterverse -- Twitterverse is a mashup of Twitter and universe.

Access your account on your time. Log in to pay your bill, check data usage and manage your Cricket account. It refers to the entire universe of Twitter, including all its users, tweets and cultural conventions. Updated November 08, The antibiotic Flagyl metronidazole is used to treat infections, and in some cases may be used for inflammatory bowel disease IBD.

A hashtag automatically becomes a clickable link when you tweet it. Un-follow or Unfollow -- To un-follow on Twitter means to stop subscribing or following another person's tweets.

It's usually cryptic to others, but intelligible to the person it's about and people who know them well. Verified accounts are marked with a blue checkmark badge on their profile page. Confused about Twitter hashtags? Sign -- The sign is an important code on Twitter, used to refer to individuals on Twitter.