How College Binge Drinking Can Affect Your Post-Grad Life

Binge drinking has the propensity to result in brain damage faster as well as more severely than chronic drinking alcoholism , due to the neurotoxic effects of the repeated rebound withdrawal effects. Another key strategy is simply making it harder for students to get alcohol, Kruger says, any way you can. Archived from the original on 28 June During the repeated alcohol free stages associated with binge drinking, a larger amount of glutamate is released than occurs during withdrawal from chronic alcohol abuse; additionally this extreme release of glutamate happens on a repeated basis in binge drinkers leading to excitotoxicity.

Binge drinking is also associated with strokes and sudden death. For the purpose of identifying an alcohol use disorder when assessing binge drinking, using a time frame of the past 6 months eliminates false negatives. The joint police patrols are just one of many changes.

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Herper, Matthew. In addition to encouraging sobriety, universities should work toward educating their students on the realities of what constitutes binge drinking and the negative consequences. An alternative colloquial term for binge drinking, "going on a bender", formerly implied a drinking spree of several days. Photo Disclaimer. Journal of Drug Education.

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In Alcohol and other drugs: These interviews found that motivations included social facilitation which was ease in social situations, individual benefits such as getting a 'buzz' and influences of peer pressure and social norms. People who valued close friends as a sense of who they are were less likely to want to binge drink after seeing an ad featuring them and a close friend.

Several studies have been conducted to discover if there is a link between binge drinking in adolescent years and becoming a chronic alcohol consumer when they transition into adulthood.

Understanding consumer personality and how people view others is important. A person could be defined as a binge drinker even if he or she never becomes intoxicated.

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Fake identification, easy access to cheap alcohol and those over 21 who are willing to provide for underage drinkers are also part of the problem. Adolescents who misuse alcohol can benefit from interventions aimed at risk reduction. Binge drinking is a style of drinking that is popular in several countries worldwide, and overlaps somewhat with social drinking since it is often done in groups.

College Binge Drinking. Retrieved 6 January Namespaces Article Talk. The surprise is from whom. Media campaigns have been found to be very important components of enforcement efforts, greatly magnifying their effectiveness.