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Katlego Mrekza Jun 11, Now I was head of a music department, doesn't make me a good musician, but it's logical to assume that music and maths go together because music is a whole series of mathematical relationships April 29, at 9: April 29, at 3: All volunteers have to complete a computer test and send in a cheek swab to provide a sample of their DNA.

Go to your school's math resource center, if you have one.

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Check your answers. My other son is a maths whizz - perhaps this is his version of the family trait? But I've only written the first one. Esther has always jumped ahead of her peers.

Thank you thank you thank you. Go through your textbook and look up practice problems. Simon Baron-Cohen is trying to find out whether people who enjoy equations and have fun with fractions are genetically different from those who break into a sweat at the sight of a sum. Information for parents to explain some of the changes that will come in with the new National Curriculum in September Click here to share your story.

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Sometimes, explaining a concept to another person can help you understand it more. Ellise I'm 15 and my brother is a maths whiz. This will be uncomfortable , but that discomfort is the feeling of your brain stretching to accommodate new abilities. You can learn a lot from your mistakes in math. All I see is a registration page, and I don't want to register without knowing more about what might happen. Homepage for children Need a child-friendly site that offers more than games?

Maths-Whizz - Brilliant resource mathematics is for all of us, the poorer are always trhe better, my Guru is Niels Henrik Abel, born in Norway. October 3, at 4: The games are suitable for three age groups ranging from 5 year olds to the overs.

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Cookies make wikiHow better. Another reason people struggle with math is that they do not take it seriously. If figuring out the constituents of sentences causes trouble, the cure is learning to diagram sentences. In physics and mathematics especially, the so-called physical intuition and mathematical maturity are results from spending time with concepts and problems.

When it comes to specific disabilities, we know that with dyslexia - there's a genetic component to it, and I suppose part of what this might lead to is the equivalent in dyscalculia - so children who have a very specific problem with maths, they can do all the other subjects at school but when it comes to maths they are below the level you would expect of their age.

Nothing is better than reading and gaining more and more knowledge - Stephen William Hawking. MIT Technology Review.