If maaTa-mantra and other superstitious beliefs are true then let all the people who tries to steal away this project from Mangaluru go to the burning hell.

But, there was no information on financial viability in the proposal. The minister should not forget that this is conditional approval with strict conditions! I am trying to come up with a mission which people of Karnataka can execute in the next election for equitable growth of entire Karnataka in spite of all crooked strategies of the parched city real estate mafia.

Can also conduct regular TV programmes. Finally, we will not be knowing how to maintain any of smart city gadgets! Traffic snarls galore http: Thanks for the informative article. Why is he allowing it to reach the stage of asking people's opinion? The department considers the students a major, unfailing, reliable resource.


Runway expansion at M'luru airport may not take off for now http: New models should be introduced regularly. That means they have taken Tulunadu people's opinion for granted and going to have a name sake opinion meeting. Boats and ship to Lakshadweep can move smoothly along curved wall. If at all "Startup District" project came to coastal region it is because of the central government and the state politicians are kept away from the decision making. ATS launches ops at new storage tank terminal in India http: Tannirbhavi may be another suitable location for Marine Knowledge City as Marine Biotech Park was proposed here earlier.

N.M.A.M. Institute of Technology

To avoid headlight of vehicles moving in opposite direction just put one temporary opaque partition. Let all amphibians be electrical vehicles. Here is what 'Co-learning Space' - Skill-yourself centres that mould entrepreneurs out of novices http: The person booking ambulance on the app need not pay for booking.

Decision to take water to the parched city after discussion http: It would help growers and marketers immensely. This government does not have any concern for inclusive growth of Karnataka. Battered Pumpwell-Bendoorwell Road portrays Mangaluru in poor light http: I was checking College of Fisheries, Mangalore http: If not schools, Bagundi Hobby Theme Park for Clean Technology can have a facility like moulding machine or 3D printer a few fortunate schools will be supplied with 3D printers as a part of 'startup coast' project but hobby theme park is common facility for other schools' kids for manufacturing various biodegradable plastic components.

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Mangaloreans, keep fingers crossed to know whether any person wants to go to hell for medical tourism and get treatment there and stay there permanently. Now also it is not late. Foundation laid for doubling of Nethravathi-Mangaluru Central line http: Flying Club can come up in current airport when new airport is realized. Mangaluru all set to become animation hub in Karnataka http: