Growing Orchids for Beginners

The plant main leaf of the orchid is beautiful and green. Instead of one healthy plant, you have two slightly smaller healthy plants. Remove the top portion of the stem, allowing ample roots.

What Is a Keiki?

Typically, households acquire Phalaenopsis while they are in bloom. Is the orchid mix too wet if I just soak and drain them off once a week? Some growers value these for their ability to store water for the main plant. Without adequate air circulation, the plant will suffocate and die.

I removed the plastic and now is in the small clay pot. Keikis first look like miniature leaves that slowly grow into a miniature plant. After the orchid has bloomed, cut back the flower spike between two nodes, and it will bud and bloom again within 2 to 3 months.

Use a liquid fertilizer , and dilute it more than you would for other plants. If you pot the new plant up and leave it attached then you don't have to do anything more than wait until it is larger and better established. At night, the atmosphere must stay above 55 degrees. These quick tips are followed by more in-depth information about pruning and propagating Phalaenopsi s orchids as well as specific care instructions for each phase of its life cycle.

Place the cuttings in the tray. In about two months, you should start to see some new growth. Fill one 3- to 4-inch pot per orchid plantlet with fir bark potting mix to within an inch of the top of the container. Paphiopedilum s are slipper orchids that come from southeast Asia. Musser Feb 28 '12 at 2: If so, what kind of soil do you use? Lauren March 28, at The leaves on the plant still look healthy and strong. After that, water only when soil is dry, and keep root tips out of standing water.

Ask Orchid Care Questions! With 30, different species of orchids, it is impossible to give general care and cultivation instructions.